Nina S. Young



Nina Young, an award winning photographer, was born and raised in New York City. While the subject matter of her photographs is the dominance of the built environment over natural life, her sincere hope is for a more balanced relationship between the two. To that end, she tends to idolize Sweden. She holds an MFA from the School of Visual Arts and a BA from Williams College. She teaches photography at Carnegie Mellon University.

Teaching Philosophy I

When I studied Japanese in college, I had a teacher who taught all four levels of the course, from beginner to advanced. She was always able to switch her level of fluency depending on which student she was speaking to. This skill I implement in my own interactions with my web students. The web presents a language of its own with whole new vocabulary and rules of grammar. Right from the start, I speak to my students using the terminology that I expect them to know after each lesson. They are held accountable for that particular amount of knowledge and no more, no less. Each class, we up the ante.

Teaching Philosophy II

As a student, I once had a teacher who had a big ego. Perhaps I too had a big ego at the time. He did not help me to understand what was lacking in my work and and at one point during a critique, he had nothing to say so I decided to critique his teaching style. While some professors may have reacted well, this particular professor didn't and I ended up with the lousiest grade of my academic career. As a result of this experience, I always have something constructive to say to my students and I humbly take criticism.